Technology Services Pricing

Simple Pricing Structure

Our technology services pricing is based on hourly rates. Our business customers receive an easy-to-read monthly statement while our residential customers are billed at the time of resolution based on the time that was spent.

We use a straightforward pricing system that is designed to simplify the billing process. There are no hidden fees and different services are not billed at different rates. We do, however, adjust our billing rates depending on customer type. We recognize that small businesses (less than three computers) and residential customers have different technology needs and budgets than our larger, corporate clients, and prices for these customers are adjusted accordingly.

Corporate Rate:

$100/hour, one-way travel billed.

Small Office, Self Employed Rate:

$90/hour, one-way travel billed

Home Rate:


“Pay As You Go” Pricing For Corporate Customers

We offer bundled rates that provide a significant savings for our business customers that prefer to prepay for services.

5-Hour Package: Effective Rate $95/hour
10-Hour Package: Effective Rate $85/hour
20-Hour Package: Effective Rate $75/hour

Hosted Solutions

Online Backup

Home Customers: $8/month/computer. Unlimited storage and no charge for installation or assisted restores.

Business Customers: Variable. Competitive with Mozy, Carbonite, etc. Contact us for a quote.

Hosted Exchange

$10/month/mailbox. Wireless synchronization to Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile included.